The 12th IAI Design Award was successfully held in Tianjin


At night on August 28, inside and outside Tianjin Minyuan Plaza, the lights were brilliant and the crowd was surging. The whole Minyuan instantly became the most dazzling aura of the entire Fifth Avenue, and the IAI awards stage became the visual focus center of the entire Minyuan Plaza. The IAI trophy and logo on the central background are dazzling against the light. This is the first time IAI has ever held an awards ceremony in an outdoor plaza, and it is a long-awaited glorious moment for all IAI winners in a century-old and charming European classic landmark building. At 7:30pm, the guests attending the opening ceremony of the IAI Awards Ceremony were Jin Xiangjun, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government; Oskar Ho, President of the Asia-Pacific Designers Federation; Mr. Massimo, Vice President of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, and other Chinese and foreign guests entered the venue one after the other. The present guests sat next to each other under the warm and grand atmosphere.

Oskar Ho, Founding President of APDF and Chairmn of AI Design Award, accompanied Vice Mayor Jin Xiangjun and Vice Chairman of European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Mr. Massimo, visited the IAI exhibition at Minyuan Plaza

Opening ceremony of IAI International Design Festival

Vice Mayor Jin Xiangjun given a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the 3rd IAI International Design Festival and the 12th IAI Design Award Presentation Ceremony

Mr. Massimo, Vice Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, given a speech at the opening ceremony

Oskar Ho, Founding President of APDF and Chairman of IAI Design Award, given a speech at the opening ceremony

The first award presented at the scene was the IAI Best Creativity Award. The winner was Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti. With indisputable strength, he won the highest honor representing the IAI Design Award. It was also the first "IAI Best Creation" in history. The winners also represent the supreme honor of the country and the individual which shows the weight of the award. From his acceptance video, he shows his expectations and excitement for winning this award. The other award is the IAI Award for commending master experts, scholars or professors who have made contributions to society and the design industry and the biennial "IAI Lifetime Achievement Award"-- Eva Jrichna who became the fifth design master in the history of IAI to receive this award. In her acceptance video, she expressed regret for not being able to attend the award ceremony in person. At the same time. She also highly appreciated the outstanding works of IAI this year. And expressed the desire to continue participating in IAI design activities in the future. Zhang Ming, an Chinese-American architect from the United States, won the unanimous recognition of the jury members with his undisputed architectural work "GEO Geological Museum and Science Center", and won another IAI important award "IAI Jury Special Award". He also regretted that the pandemic prevented him from visiting the scene in person. At the same time, he expressed his gratitude for winning the award and his wishes  to design and practice a home earth that treats mankind kindly after the pandemic.

Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti, winner of the IAI Best Creativity Award, gave his acceptance speech via video

Brilliant model show

The winners of this year's IAI Best Design Award, gold, silver and bronze come from different countries and regions, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia, France, Bulgaria, Italy, the Netherlands, Albania, the United States, Colombia etc. It can be said that the collection of masterpieces and a hundred flowers bloom, fully demonstrating the internationalization and diversification of IAI works. The "Mini Piano Lipstick Box" product of Shanghai Haiya Trading Co., Ltd. won the IAI Best Product Design Award for its unique and novel shape, complete functions, and bright and bright color. Thai design agency Creative Crews Ltd. renewed an old local building in Chiengmai, using the waste wood left over to show the inheritance and innovation of traditional buildings, as well as the relationship between architecture and culture. The project won the IAI Best Inheritance and Innovation Architecture Award this year. Shenzhen Construction "Returning to the Original Town" by Architectural Consulting Co., Ltd., Chongqing Aiwei Interior Design Co., Ltd., Peng Wei (China)-"Yunnan Bouquet Wine, Canada Design Co., Ltd. (China)-"Australia and New Zealand Holiday Hotel" and other excellent works have won throughout the award-winning works in different categories. We could see that the subject matter of IAI works has become more abundant and has more high-level works. There are even world-shaking works by the world's top designers and design institutions. Apart from joy, we also found that there are still many shortcomings. The vacancies in certain categories of award-winning works also reflect the current issues and challenges facing design. In the category of architecture awards, IAI’s works are already among the world’s first-class. Except for Colombian architects’ Spanish Park Library, Medellin Stadium, and Chinese American architect Zhang Ming's "Redmond City Hall" and "Lanzhou Yellow River Landmark Tower", we could not only appreciate the world’s top design works, but also enjoy many architectural works representing world-class standards in different architectural categories, such as Thailand's "Ahsa Farmstay ". The urban renewal project of the Italian architect-the public garden building "SOVRAPARCO" is the best example. The indoor award category is IAI’s most historical traditional competition category. Every competition can always see amazing works, leaving many memorable classic works. Althoght in recent years it seems to be affected by the economic environment, the eagerness for quick success is also reflected in many design works, even blindly pursuing superficial visual effects, rather than the connotation of the work itself, which leads to the lack of humanization, ecologicalization and democratization of the works, especially in the home space works. It is prominent that the homogeneity of works is relatively serious, and many spaces lack individuality, temperature, nature and atmosphere. Therefore, high-level classics have a tendency to not rise but fall. However, in the category of Intelligent Manufacturing Award, gratifying changes have occurred. The winning works have surpassed previous years in terms of the number and quality of entries. They have made great progress in the latest technological materials, the application of artificial intelligence, or design innovation. The number is still small, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the future. With the acceleration of the pace of Chinese manufacturing in China and the increasing growth and maturity of Chinese industrial designers, more and more excellent IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award works will be seen in the future.

There are many highlights in this year’s IAI awards ceremony. In addition to adding IAI award-winning works, art collections, and model walks, it also incorporates the awards section of the distinctive "Creative Tianjin" competition unit, and stimulates Tianjin through a small coffee space design. The infinite creativity of designers aims to encourage more Tianjin designers to participate in design competitions, promote local design and international design, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and help Tianjin design go abroad and appear in the world. IAI is an integrated, diversified, and cross-border platform. I believe that the future IAI stage will also present more refreshing innovations and creativity.

The successful holding of the IAI Global Design Award in Tianjin is a microcosm of the era when Chinese design is beginning to sing. It is an example of Chinese brands becoming international brands, and a clarion call for Chinese manufacturing to create a new journey in China. As a platform for the evaluation, promotion and cooperation of creative and innovative design, the IAI Design Award will work hand in hand with global creatives in the future to jointly promote the development and progress of social innovation through design wisdom and design power, and actively promote the construction of human and nature, a highly harmonious earth ecology between people and society.