IAI Introduction

IAI Design Award(IAI), is one of the most influential and prestigious design awards in the world. As the most creative design competition in Asia, IAI jury evaluates awards and honors based on the outstanding design works. IAI Design Award has been recognized as a new global design award with high recognition and gold content worldwide. 

IAI Design Award started from the Asia-pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix held in 2006. During this period, the name of the award changed three times, and in 2014, it was upgraded to "IAI Design Award", which was praised as "Design Oscar" by CCTV and other authoritative media at home and abroad. In 2019, IAI Design Award changed again, divided into three sub-awards: "IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award" (IAI+IM), "IAI Architecture Award" (IAI+A) and "IAI Interior Award" (IAI+I). In 2022, through adding IAI Lighting Design Award  (IAI+L)and IAI Elite Award (IAI+E), a complete IAI award content setting and evaluation system has been constructed, improving the professional height, authority and reputation, established the IAI image status as a global design award.

IAI Design Awards are awarded to designers, institutions and design agencies that have made outstanding contributions to innovative and sustainable design. Each year IAI publishes a yearbook for winners and distributes globally to seek commercial cooperation. IAI Design Awards cover interior design, architecture and landscape design, intelligent manufacturing design including industrial product design, visual communication and brand design, fashion design, digital intelligence design, lighting design, etc. APDF set up the IAI Global Design Award in Asia. Its purpose is to build a bridge for design creativity and business, help the sustainable development of economy, environment and social economy, and empower the development of cities and industries. At the same time, by finding and discovering the best design cases, the best creativity and wisdom of designers are displayed, and the greatest value of design is reflected.

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                                                              Founder- Oskar Ho

IAI Trophy Story

In order to keep innovation, the IAI Design Award Trophy changed its shape and material almost every year since 2006 when it was created. Until 2017, to make the IAI Design Award a higher recognition and unified competition brand image, Mr.Changcheng He, president of the IAI Design Award, decided to redesign the new trophy, and created  the design concept himself. At the same time, Mr. Eric Gizard, a famous French designer, was specially invited to take charge of the appearance design. Finally, an IAI trophy with high characteristics and concept of award appears on the IAI Award Ceremony.  It won numerous attention of designers. Through several times material updating, the texture is more thick, demonstrating an international design award's demeanor and temperament. With the growing influence of the IAI Design Award, the IAI trophy have now become one of the most valuable trophies in the world.


The IAI award trophy is mainly in gold and silver, with a simple and unique style. Its structure is made up of three different size of rectangular block surface inlay, like a free-falling architecture. The trophy mixes the mortise and tenon joint structure in traditional Chinese architecture,  embrace each other and rise up layers, explaining the IAI starting from a single interior design category, gradually forming an all-fields design award including architecture design, industrial design. Also, it shows that IAI was born out of the ordinary, and highly corresponds to "nature and humanity in one", "One produced two, two produced three,three produced all things",the essence of the Chinese Taoism philosophy. It demonstrates that IAI is solemn, upright, inclusive, open and willing to constantly transcend itself and its infinity of future development. Meanwhile, it conveys the seriousness, justice and fairness-----core value of the IAI Design Award, adhering to the concept of sustainable development which integrating traditional culture and innovation of contemporary era.