IAI Founder

APDF - founding president of Asia Pacific Designers Federation and founder of IAI Design Award

Oskar Ho(Chinese name:Changcheng He)He Graduated from China Academy of fine arts,He has visited the design history and culture of dozens of countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania,He is the editor of the Yearbook of the IAI design award.He has compiled several yearbooks of IAI Design Award and published them in national publishing institutions.His IAI Design Yearbook has won the excellent academic work award of China University Press. He was also employed as a visiting professor of School of Art & Design, The University San Raffaele Roma in Italy and as a visiting scholar of International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg in Austria; Academic Member of the Academic Committee of the "First China Design Exhibition" of the Ministry of Culture, Co-founder of the Bird's Nest Cultural Center Art Alliance,he actively participated in various government led academic activities and social public welfare events.

  • 2021.6Oskar Ho made a speech at the 13th IAI award ceremony in Xiamen

  • 2019.8Oskar Ho inaugurated IAI international design exchange center in Tianjin

Published Works

In 2010, IAI AWARDS 2010 Asia-Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix Excellent Works Collection
2014-2015 IAI design award yearbook
Yearbook of the 9th IAI Design Award
Yearbook of the 11th IAI Design Award
Yearbook of the 12th IAI Design Award
Yearbook of the 13th IAI Design Award

The awarding ceremony of the 3rd IAI Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix in 2010