Video of the 2021-IAI International Design Festival

About IAI International Design Festival 

IAI International Design Festival is an international design activity, held once a year. Activities include the award ceremony, the award-winning works exhibition, design forum,  industry communication, curriculum education, aiming to build unique regional culture characteristic international design festival brand, assembling global innovation resources and strength. It can promote value links and industrial transformation between design and intelligent manufacturing, products and channels, originality and capital, designers and large platforms, boost industrial transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, and achieve value creation and improvement of life quality.

Welcome to IAI International Design Festival

The following five IAI Design Awards in 2021 provide you with more information about IAI:

1. IAI Interior Award, IAI Architecture Award, IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award works and the secrets behind the awards

2. Achievements and introduction of IAI winners

3. IAI Most Creativity Award and its introduction

4. Winner introduction of IAI Lifetime Achievement Award

5. IAI Design Award Yearbook

6. IAI winners' glory moment, they will share the joy and feeling of success with you through video or pictures here

Congratulations again to the IAI winners!

● Exhibition hall of IAI award-winning works

● Members of IAI Jury

● Winner of IAI Most Creativity Award

● IAI Hall of Fame

● IAI Design Award Yearbook

●IAI celebration video