Award Benefits

IAI Design Award Logo

1)Winning IAI Design Award is just the beginning of a series of marketing and promotional activities. The eye-catching logo of IAI fully demonstrates to the public that the design meets the highest standards of excellence in the world.

2) The IAI Design Award, one of the most influential international competitions, is considered as a new worldwide symbol of design quality. Winning the IAI Design Award, for young designers, will increase their competitiveness and self-confidence when they apply for a job, create their design studios or do business with other companies; for professional design firms, the IAI Design Award gives them wider marketing and visibility; it also enhances their ability to anticipate and predict future trends.

IAI Design Yearbook

Each year, the IAI meticulously compiles the yearbook of the winning works as a memorial for permanently recording the designers' achievements. For important customers and business partners, the IAI design yearbook is not only a gift, but also a very useful search tool.

The Award Ceremony

Every year, IAI holds the prestigious and grand award ceremony, which is not only an aspiration for the designers, but also becomes the climax of the design award events. The ceremony will showcase the achievements of the awardees to the public, and the ceremony will attract guests from the industry of design, media and business; IAI makes the ceremony become the design industry’s most high-profile moment.

Online Exhibition

IAI website is a global search tool, providing a source of inspiration for designers. The winning design works of the IAI Design Award will be exhibited on the IAI website, which has become an important global communication channel. The online exhibition of the winning entries will open on ceremony day, and the exhibition will last for one year. The introduction of each winning work will be accompanied by a detailed description of the designer or the institution with a catchy title.

Itinerant Exhibitions

The winning works will be exhibited regularly in major cities both at home and abroad. So far, IAI design exhibitions have been held in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Beijing, Shenzhen, Changchun, Hong Kong, Milan and Cologne. By participating in grand exhibitions, the awardees will be provided with the opportunity to promote and expand their personal or corporate brand in the international market as well as establish extensive international contacts and cooperation.

Public Relations and Press Releases

Winning the IAI Design Award marks the beginning of an important event that will allow the winner to become the center of attention. As one of the IAI award winners, the awardees gain access to the international design market and become the target of media. The organizers of the IAI Design Award timely carry out various forms of public relations work, to make award-winning works and their designers continue to appear in the Chinese and international media. Through public professional media releasing news, IAI ensures maximum exposure.

The IAI Design Award, in partnership with a wide range of media, provides the competition and its winners with the widest and most in-depth coverage, enabling high-impact shaping and targeting outreach.

Media Promotion

IAI has established a global media promotion network with nearly 100 mainstream media covering different industries and channels. It is actively involved in the promotion of the winning works and the winning designers through various media. IAI International Design Festival, APDF Forum, award ceremony and other important events will be recorded through the media, and live webcast, further enhancing the social impact of good design.

Industry Exchange

All awardees will be invited to participate in a series of events such as the Best Exhibition, the IAI International Design Festival, the APDF Forum and Awards Ceremony, etc. Representatives from various industries including global design, academia, media and properties will attend, to provide participants with opportunities for face-to-face communication and cooperation.

Exhibition Collection

All outstanding works participating in the re-evaluation will be free of charge to participate in this year's best exhibition. At the same time, the entries donated to the organizing committee can also participate in the domestic and international traveling promotion activities without charging, and get the 'IAI Global Design Award Collection Certificate'.

Industrial Transformation

IAI established the 'IAI Industry Innovation Platform' with more than 100 venture capital institutions, incubation platforms, manufacturing companies and government agencies. All outstanding entrants will be invited to participate in the industrial transformation activities of the year, including capital docking, intellectual property auction, and so on.

The Value of IAI Design Award

Enterprises / Studios

Winning the IAI Design Award means being able to effectively demonstrate your leadership and innovation worldwide in design which can enhance the brand's impact and value. It is an independent recognition of design excellence and also a pointer to success as well as a strong draw for the media.


Winning the IAI Design Award demonstrates the excellence of the institution's curriculum to the world. IAI publishes award-winning works or studies in authoritative and professional media which strongly attract media attention.


Winning the IAI Design Award is a sign that designers will share the same honors as established companies and prestigious design studios, whether they are in the design profession or still in school. Designers and their studios or their companies' career development will also obtain a broader space as well as get a lot of media attention.

Design Works

Winning the IAI Design Award indicates the potential success in the market. Getting the IAI Design Award will undoubtedly attract the attention of investors, brand owners, manufacturers and buyers, making them increase confidence to invite designers to participate in the design project or invest money to develop the design concept into a commodity. The IAI Design Award is dedicated to creating a brand and business value for the winning design or transforming the concept into a successful product.