The Perfect Ending of Creative Design Festival



The 2023 IAI Creative Design Festival was held in Xiamen, a beautiful garden city in Fujian province in southeast China, from June 22 to 25. The scene ofJimei Xinglin Bay was as beautiful as Cannes Festival, within a atmosphere of carnival. Activities of IAI Creative Festivals were so wonderful that just like blooming phoenix flowers spread in Jimei to decorated this creative and vital district, such as Belarusian artist Dasha's creative photography open class, Dasha art exhibition to IAI Metaverse Design Exhibition, IAI Design Forum, IAI Awards Ceremony, and the APDF Master Public Welfare Lecture Hall, etc. A series of art creation and sharing activities that shined with inspiration and creativity formed a colorful landscape in this city fulled of beauty and imagination.

As one of the top events in the design industry, IAI has always attracted much attention. In particular, the IAI Creative Design Festival held this year after the epidemic, which has attracted more attention from the industry and the media. On June 24th, the IAI Creative Design Festival reached its climax. The opening ceremony, IAI Design Forum, and awards dinner were three core activities, which attracted guests from all over the world. Authoritative figures, winners, judges, university professors, experts, and corporate elites from the design industry at home and abroad attended the IAI Design Forum to share creative ideas and discuss the future of design filed.

Many a big name and celebrity participated in the IAI feast at IAI Awards Ceremony held that night, and witnessed the birth of major awards such as the 14th and 15th IAI Architecture Awards, IAI Interior Awards, and IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Awards, etc, including Oskar Ho, Chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation (hereafter referred to APDF), initiator of IAI Design Award; Kees Spanjers, Co-Chairman of APDF, Chairman of IAI Interior Award Jury, past president of European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA); Li Chunyin, chairman of the APDF board of directors, chairman of the IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award Jury, and successive chairman of the World Design Organization (WDO); Chen Guangxiong, vice chairman of APDF; Zhu Xiaodi, IAI Design Award jury member; Lu Rongzhi, IAI Design Award jury member and curator, art critic and director; Abel, IAI Design Award jury member; Dalia Callico, IAI Design Award Jury Member, Artistic Director of the Palazzo Regio Museum of Milan; Wu Yi, IAI Design Award Jury Member, Associate Professor and Master Tutor at the China Academy of Art. What’s more, a number of honored guests also attended the award ceremony, including Hao Ninghui, PhD Tutor and Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Qinjian, School of Creative Innovation of Xiamen University, Chen Zhihong, Dean of the School of Architecture of Huaqiao University and doctoral supervisor , Lin Jinqiang, Deputy Secretary of the School of Arts and Crafts of Fuzhou University, Li Zhengang, Dean of the Tianjin Institute of Contemporary Art , and representatives from domestic and foreign design schools, such as San Raffaele School of Fashion and Design in Italy and the Academy of Fine Arts of Hexi University, as well as Dasha, a specially invited artist from Belarus. 

The establishment ceremony of APDF Art and Technology Research Center was also held at the award ceremony. At the same time, APDF also signed cooperation agreements with more than a dozen Chinese and foreign design schools and enterprises to carry out industry-university-research cooperation and promote the collaborative innovation and development of education and industry. Subsequently, hundreds of designers from different countries and regions gathered at the IAI event site in Jimei to experience the wonderful carnival atmosphere of the IAI Creative Design Festival and witness the announcement of the 14th and 15th IAI Architecture Awards, IAI Interior Awards, IAI The major awards of the Intelligent Manufacturing Award jointly celebrate the highlight moments of all IAI Design Award winners. This year's IAI Creative Design Festival has a lot of highlights, wonderful stories, dizzying, full of creativity, and fully demonstrates the influence of the APDF and the IAI Design Award platform.

Zhuang Rongliang, Vice Mayor of Xiamen, Hu Xubin, Secretary of Jimei District Committee, Ni Jie, District Mayor, and Li Yunli, a second level inspector of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, all attended the award ceremony and presented the IAI Award winners with celebrities. Ni Jie, the mayor of Jimei District, stated in his speech that Jimei is currently striving to be the core area of design filed in southeast China. The IAI Creative Design Festival was held in Jimei, which have opened a new chapter in the exchange and integration of Xiamen, Jimei, and global design culture. This is not only a great joy for the design industry, but also a great blessing for cultural exchange between Chinese and foreign design. IAI will create more high-level design cultural feasts in the future.


IAI Jurors Able and Zhu Xiaodi jointly presented the award to Austrian winner JOHANNES KRAUS who won the IAI Best Architectural Design Award

To promote industry university research cooperation and enable innovative development of Design education, the IAI Design Award Ceremony also held the founding ceremony of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Designers Arts and Technology Research Center. As a forward-looking and leading design organization, the Asia Pacific Designers Alliance actively advocates technology empowering design innovation and development, actively participates in the construction of various design academic platforms, and promotes industry development. The establishment of the center will promote the arts and innovation research projects focusing on Metaverse design, AI design and GPT. In addition, the Asia Pacific Alliance of Designers has also signed contracts with Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin Institute of Contemporary Art, School of Fashion and Design of San Rafael University in Rome, School of Architecture of Huaqiao University, School of Fine Arts and Design of Jimei University, Xiamen Institute of Arts and Crafts of Fuzhou University, Dasha Art Center of Belarus, Taiwan Green Energy Industry Alliance and other universities and institutions to jointly seek industry university research cooperation and enable innovative development of Design education, Promote the transformation from "Made in China" to "Created in China", and assist Xiamen's economic innovation and sustainable development. This year's IAI Creative Design Festival is a wonderful and continuous design carnival, with a gathering of experts, passionate, and full of creativity and glory. IAI looks forward to working hand in hand with all creatives in the future to create new brilliance. We look forward to meeting you at the next design and cultural feast!

Establishment Ceremony of the Art and Technology Research Center of the Asia Pacific Designers Alliance


3V4A7169.jpg On June 21, the specially invited artists of IAI Creative Design Festival, female artists from Belarus, took the lead in opening the "Dasha Creative Photography Open Class" in Huaqiao University as the prelude to the design festival.

On June 22nd, artist Dasha once again presented the first creative photography and painting exhibition held in China to Xiamen audiences, marking the official opening of the IAI Creative Design Festival.

394W4NS4QG)@9DPHL5E%H~X.png Su Ke, Deputy District Head of Jimei District Government of Xiamen, took a group photo with Chinese and foreign guests at the opening ceremony of Dasha Art Exhibition



On June 23, IAI Metaverse Design Exhibition and IAI offline experience exhibition of works opened. IAI Design Exhibition was first presented to the public in a scientific and technological innovation way integrating Metaverse, opening a new exhibition mode for IAI's future exhibitions.


2L6A4305.jpg IAI Design Forum Activity Site


2L6A4887.JPG IAI Design Forum - Art and Technology Sub Forum


2L6A4728.jpg IAI Design Forum Guest Interaction Session


ZZC1225.JPGGroup photo of guests at the IAI Design Forum event


1688110222853.png On June 25, IAI Creative Design Festival once again organized APDF masters to walk into Huaqiao University. For the first time, a  lecture hall was opened in the form of a public benefit lecture hall. Five Chinese and foreign design masters shared their design insights and forward-looking thinking in different professional dimensions and perspectives, providing on-site teachers and students with thinking about the future design direction and guidance for career development, which again aroused strong resonance between teachers and students. The wonderful speech of the masters won bursts of applause from on-site teachers and students.