2023-IAI International Design Festival will be held in Xiamen soon


"All good things will come as promised ", and time is the best witness. Although last year's IAI International Design Festival was postponed due to the epidemic, IAI always believes that the future will be beautiful. A temporary pause may be for a better start, and the pace of progress will not stop abruptly, but will only stimulate the greater innovation potential of creators. In 2023, when the epidemic is over and the new year is around, IAI will no longer remain silent and embrace the creative future with action.

This year's IAI International Design Festival features a gathering of Chinese and foreign design experts, showcasing the creativity and innovative image of IAI. In addition, IAI has carefully arranged the selection of venues for the event. The IAI exhibition hall and award venue are located in the magnificent and highly architectural style of the Minnan Overseas Chinese hometown, Jimei Jiageng Art Center and Jimei Lake Haosheng Hotel, respectively. This has added a special spiritual force to the successful hosting of the IAI event. Mr. Jiageng's spirit and temperament of "loyalty, sincerity, thrift, and innovation" are highly consistent with IAI's concept of fairness, rigor, and professionalism, The two blend and collide with each other, complementing each other. At that time, IAI winners from both domestic and international sources will gather in the picturesque Minnan characteristic buildings by the Xinglin Bay to celebrate the annual design award ceremony and witness the highlights of the IAI winners. In addition, Wiener digital art Industrial Park, located on Yingyao Road, will also become the branch venue of IAI International Design Festival. At that time, a series of rich cross-border art design exhibitions, training and other related activities will be held to practice the development of design enabling industries. These will all be exciting moments to look forward to at this year's IAI International Design Festival, and I believe that the IAI stage will once again become the focus of attention in the design industry.



IAI Award venue - Howard Johnson Jimei Lake Plaza Xiamen


Howard Johnson Jimei Lake Plaza Xiamenl is located on the beautiful bank of Jimei Lake, adjacent to parent-child attractions such as Centennial Jimei Village, Dragon Boat Pool, Yuanbo Garden, and Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration. The hotel consists of a main building and two podium buildings, with a red tile flying eaves and a Minnan style roof and a Western style body. It is a typical Jiageng architectural style that combines Chinese and Western styles. Its view is surrounded by water on three sides, giving it a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Jimei New City.


Exhibition venue - Tan Kah Kee Art Center

Located in Xinglinwan Road, Jimei, Xiamen, Kah Kee Art Center is a cultural center named after Mr. Tan Kah Kee. The building layout is east-west. It is divided into three functional areas: the central area is the entrance hall, the north area is the theatre and rehearsal hall, and the south area is the film hall and multi-functional hall. Inside the building, commercial and cultural facilities such as restaurants, boutiques, cafes and exhibition halls are also set up. It is a comprehensive cultural center with complex functions and a grand scale.