2022-IAI Hall of Fame Winners will be announced at the IAI Awards



Winners of the 2022-IAI Hall of Fame will be awarded a certificate and a commemorative medal at the IAI Award Ceremony held on 2023! Two designers were selected to win the IAI Hall of Fame, which is the first time in IAI history that the award was awarded at the ceremony.

About the IAI Hall of Fame

As the highest honor hall of IAI, the Hall of Fame is the highest honor of IAI, and its admission qualification is open to all designers and IAI winners, provided that the following conditions are met:

▪  People who have made outstanding contributions in the design and design-related fields, regardless of gender, age, nationality, color, and race, are eligible to enter the Hall of Fame.

▪  Must win more than five international awards, including the winners who have participated in the IAI Design Award more than three consecutive times and won the award.

▪  Designers nominated for the Hall of Fame must be strictly reviewed and finally confirmed by the Review Committee before they can enter the Hall of Fame.