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Book detail:The 13th IAI Design Award Almanac

Publisher:  Waitu(Taiwan) Linlenbooks Masterminding Company Limited

Price: ¥688

Chief editor:Xiamen Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Executive Editor:Oskar Ho

Publication date: October 2022Issue date: 2023






This yearbook is edited by Xiamen Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and edited by Oskar Ho. It was first published and distributed by the Waitu (Taiwan) Linlenbooks

 Masterminding Company Limited under the international book number, Bilingual in Chinese and English. It is a design monograph with academic and reference value.

The 2020-2021 IAI Design Yearbook contains 280 award-winning work cases. The yearbook is divided into six parts: introduction to IAI Design Awards, foreword, judges'

 comments, interior design, architectural design and industrial product design. The participants of this IAI are from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Switzerland, Britain,

 Spain, Brazil, Colombia, France, Indonesia and other countries and regions. The award-winning works include the IAI Most Creative Award, the Jury Special Award, the

 IAI Best Design Award, the IAI Gold Award, the IAI Silver Award, the IAI Bronze Award, and the IAI Excellence Award, which represent the highest honor. The works are

 more diversified than ever, and fully demonstrate the professionalism and high level of IAI award-winning works.


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