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The design technique of Chinese Song Dynasty landscape painting was used in the space, and the characteristics of "borrowing scenery" of SUZHOU COMPOUND were introduced into the design.

The modern fashion elements are used to create a broad and atmospheric pattern, and the flexible circular lines are integrated to add to the cozy home space.The design embellished with vermilion adds a sense of vitality and elegance, and integrates with the thinking of new era living space, and makes the whole feel more warm.Decorate the space with oriental aesthetic elements, and the pine tree brings a touch of tranquility.

SUZHOU COMPOUND has created and guided a new way of life, allowing people to find the fun of easy life in the turbulent urban life, and find their own place of mind.The courtyard of the residence is a picture frame customized for the natural scenery. The changes of the scenery in spring, summer, autumn and winter are all the fun of living.The choice and use of household items are expressions of different lifestyles, making full use of different materials and giving the space more sense of story.

2022/2023-IAI Bronze Award

Zhao Zhifeng


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