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Snowflake's Whisper

Snowflake's whisper is created by the best wishes of "Let a piece of snow that never melt, stay in the fingers of those people who love each other forever”. The inspiration is based on the unique branch-like structure of "Snowflake", we accept three layers of auxiliary diamonds scattered around, making the diamond ring look like a beautiful snow flower, setting off the main diamond and creating an expansive vision.

We embellish the Sri Lankan royal blue sapphire in the diamond ring to form a more classical visual effect with the overall diamond ring. In the craftsmanship of the ring arm, we use gradient-sized auxiliary diamonds to match the handmade metal ball to create a European-style retro charm. The inner wall of the ring is in line with the ergonomic's Smile Arc radian to make the ring more comfortable to wear.

IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Gold Award



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