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Transparent Heart

"Transparent Heart" is a silk quilt based on the concept of "fashionable Chinese style", aiming to convey the profundity of Chinese intangible cultural heritage. Weighing only 3.5kg, it is made of tulle, dupioni and silk jacquard fabric, which are 100% mulberry silk but presented with three effects. Its silk jacquard fabric is designed with a ripple texture with elements of the south of the Yangtze River in China. Compared with artificial fibers, silk is carbon neutral during production with its natural fiber properties. It can be reused in a sustainable value chain, and is 100% recyclable and degradable, which realize the sustainable development philosophy of "Come from nature, get back to nature".

As the traditional silk quilt covers are not diaphanous, users cannot observe the fillings which lead to the uneven quality of the silk quilt market. This product’s thinness, diaphanousness and softness allow users to directly observe inner fillings, which protect their rights while echoing the name "Transparent Heart". Acclaimed as "the queen of fibers", the silk, with excellent fluffiness, softness and breathability, can release various sleep-aiding factors to improve sleep and protect the skin, suitable for users of all ages, achieving unity between beauty and functionality.

IAI Best Intelligent Manufacturing Award



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