FangXiaoFeng / china

Vice president of the IAI Design Award Judging Panel
Vice Dean of the School of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University, Distinguished Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
Editor in Chief and Editorial Board Member of the Chinese Journal of Decoratio

Fang Xiaofeng, is currently the vice dean,

permanent professor and doctoral supervisor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University

the editor-in-chief and editorial board member of China Decoration Magazine

the member of the 11th Academic Committee of Tsinghua University

the vice chairman of the Interior Branch of the Architectural Society of China

the director of the fifth Council of the China Journal Association

the deputy director of the Office of the Organizing Committee of Beijing International Design Week

Vice President of Urban Furniture Branch of China Standardization Association

Chairman of the Organizing committee of Nesting Award

 Vice chairman of the organizing committee of China Human Settlements Design

Academic Year Award and Secretary-General of the organizing committee.

Professor Fang Xiaofeng received his PhD in Architectural History and theory from the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University for his Research on the Religious Architecture of the Imperial Court in Beijing in the Qing Dynasty

 formed a set of design culture research methods based on objects. In recent years

he has mainly focused on the study of Chinese classical gardens,

architectural history and design history,

and placed the creation activities into the cultural system for investigation,

so as to forge the academic research pattern of big history and then form an integrated view of design culture

and build a systematic investigation method and integrated design thinking on design history and culture

His views are concentrated in the Design Eye, Written in Front, Architectural Wind Language,

Chinese Garden Art -- History, Skills, Appreciation of Famous Gardens and other works.

Professor Fang Xiaofeng has been thinking, discussing and actively practicing how to establish the discipline paradigm of design,

 proposed to establish a new paradigm of design discipline through "practice-oriented and research-driven" based on the comprehensivity and realization ability of design.

The New Paradigm of Design Research, New Paradigm of Design Research 2 and New Paradigm of Design Research 3 edited

 by him systematically present the outstanding research results at home and abroad under the advocacy of the new paradigm of design discipline,

provide many research perspectives, methods and paths for design researchers to refer to.

Professor Fang Xiaofeng has always been concerned about the education and dissemination of design thinking.

He believes that the traditional art form is the starting point, but also the end, the object of creation is the aesthetic object; For environmental art design,

environmental relationship is the starting point, form is the end, but not the whole, environmental relationship is the aesthetic object

 In addition, Professor Fang Xiaofeng is an active promoter of design ethics research in China,

making full use of the academic platform "Decoration" to organize several ethics-related thematic discussions,

such as design for the elderly, design care, service design, safety, children's design, green debate, etc. Professor Fang Xiaofeng is also an active disseminator of traditional Chinese culture and design ideas.

In 2020, he was invited by CCTV's "Lecture Room" column to tell the second part of "The Lost Palace", "The Garden of Ten Thousand Gardens".