Eva Jiricna

President of the IAI Design Award Judging Panel
International renowned architectural designer
Czech national treasure level design master
Founder of EJA

Eva Jiricna  (Czech Republic)

A well-known Czech architectural designer and a Czech national treasure hall-level design master, he is well-known for his attention to detail and obvious modern style works. Her famous steel glass staircase design has influenced countless designers. Eva was honored as a visiting professor at many prestigious European and American universities such as the University of Sheffield, University of Nottingham, Zlin Thomas Bar, and served as a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects Gold Medal Reviewer. In 1993, he was awarded an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the United States in 2006. Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Architects, was awarded the Lifetime Architectural Contribution Award by the Czech Ministry of Culture in 2007, Jane Drew Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013, and the King George Medal by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2015.

main experience

EJA is run by Czech born architect and founder Eva Jiricna and has been established in London since 1968. The London office and Prague architect Petr Vagner and Eva co-founded AI-Design Studio in 1999 at the same time. Eva Jiricna’s long career began in 1968 when he arrived in the United Kingdom and worked at the Greater London City Hall. After that, Louis de Southens Partners (she became an associate architect) worked on the Brighton Pier project for 10 years. Then came Richard Rogers Partnership, where she worked. It can provide some considerations for the exterior design and interior design of the Lloyd's headquarters in London. Through Jan Kaplicky and its future practice system, she designed a way for Harrods department store, which is an award-winning plan that influences a generation of retail and enables her to start her own practice. She worked closely with the Joseph fashion brand to design a series of shops and cafes for the Joseph fashion brand, creating her unique retail design style, which in turn brought many projects around the world, especially for Joan & David Shoes Designed, there are branches in almost every major American city. As London and Paris, as well as Hugo Boss stores in Japan and Germany. Eva's signature staircase design elements are often incorporated into intricate design and engineering projects. Recent projects completed in the UK include the implementation of graffiti plans at V&A and the new Boehringer Jewelry Gallery, Harrods' Boutique and Designer Jewelry Hall, as well as the implementation of graffiti plans in famous locations across the UK. In 2014, the modern intervention in the west wing of the Somerset Building included a new staircase inserted into the historical structure of the building, named "Myers Stairs", and more residential project client practices continued.

Since Eva arrived in the UK, Russia invaded Czechoslovakia, and she has been unable to return home for 22 years. Once she was able to travel back to her hometown of Prague, she devoted herself to teaching at the University of Applied Arts, where she studied on her own and established an office in the city called AI-Design, which was able to win projects such as the Prague Castle Garden The new Orangery, Andersen C. in the GHRY Building, headquartered in the newly constructed Joseph Hotel in Prague’s Old Town. After the "Velvet Revolution" in 1989, she re-established a long-term friendship with Vaclav Havel. Later Havel became president of the new Czech Republic and continued to cooperate on various projects until his death in 2011. As the base of his humanitarian foundation VIZE 97, they are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of St. Anne’s Church in Prague as a multifunctional cultural center featuring symposiums, lectures, conferences, performances, etc. In 2017, a major reconstruction was completed in the center of Zlin, the birthplace of Ava, including the new Thomas Bata University Library and related cultural center, as well as a new project-the Faculty of Humanities.

Over the years, Jillica’s contribution to architecture and design has been recognized by many prestigious awards, including Royal Industrial Designer (RDI), CBE (Commander of the British Empire), she was elected as a member of the Royal Academy by the Royal Academy of Art, Horn Fair won the award. Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Czech Ministry of Culture. She has been awarded doctoral degrees (ten) and professorships by many universities. Ava is committed to all aspects of architecture education, often giving lectures and seminars to students, and has become an external examiner in many universities. She often participates in architectural reviews and international lectures on her work.

Winning works

2017 Czech Architecture of the Year Award, winning work: TAMAS Faculty of Humanities, Bata University

2011 World Architecture Festival The best indoor space in the cultural world, award-winning work: Cultural Conference Center

2010 Czech Architecture of the Year Award, winning work: Cultural Congress Center of the Czech Republic

2010 Annual "Baumit Award", winning work: Czech Republic Cultural Conference Center Grand Prix 2010, winning work: Braun Café, Prague

2010 Shortlisted for the Prince Philip Award. 2010 Architecture of the Year Award, winning work: Zlin Thomas Bata Library/Administrative Building, Czech Republic

2009 Lifetime Architectural Contribution Award of the Czech Ministry of Culture

2009 American Institute of Architects Design Excellence Award, winning works: Lim and Judith Bollinger Jewelry Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

2004 Czech Institute of Architects Award Reconstruction, winning work: St. Anne's Church, Prague, 2004 Royal Art Commission Trust Foundation "Magic Flute Award" for Architecture of the Year, Winning Work: Mozart Terrace, Ebri Street, London

2004 British Jewelry Awards-Best Store Design of the Year, Winner: Liverpool

2003 American Institute of Architects Design Excellence Award, Winner: Joseph Hotel Prague, Czech Republic OBEC Czech Association of Czech Architects/Award, Winner: Joseph Hotel (Architectural Design) Architectural Design, Prague

2001 The Integrated Transport Award, Winner: London South Canada Water Bus Interchange

2000 40th Anniversary Civic Trust Award/Certificate, Winner: London South Canada Water Bus Interchange

2000 Steel Structure/Grand Prize, Winning Work: London South Canada Water Bus Interchange 2000 40th Anniversary Civic Trust Award/Contribution Award, Winning Work: De Montfort University, Kimberlin Library, Leicester

2000 Mayor of Prague Award for Excellence in Architectural Design, Award-winning work: Orange Garden in Prague Castle

1994 Prince Philip Award of the Year: Finalist

1993 Prince Philip Award of the Year: Finalist

1991 Interior Design Award (USA), Winner: Brown Nightclub, Queen's Road, London

First place in the 1990 Design Week Retail Environment Award, winning work: Joseph D&AD Silver Award in Sloan Street, London 1989 Interior Decoration: Alex Boutique, Florence, Italy First place in the 1989 Indoor Retail Award, winning work: Alex Boutique, Florence, Italy

1989 NAS Retail Award and Design Award, Winner: Joseph, Fulham Road, London, 1983 Interior Design Advertising Award, Winner: Eva Park Apartment, London

1982 Retail Design Advertising Award, winning work: Kenzo Takada, Sloan Street, London

1982 Interior Design Advertising Award, Winner: Joseph Ettedgui, London Sloan Street Apartment, 1981 Interior Design Award, Winner: London Sloan Street Apartment, Joseph Ettedgui