Shouzhi Wang

President of 15th IAI Judging Panel

One of the founders of modern design education in China

Full Professor, Vice Dean, School of Creativity and Art, ShanghaiTech  University

Professor, Art Center College of Design,Pasadena

Gold medal winner of China Design Contribution Award of DDF Award

Shouzhi Wang (USA) is one of the most important founders of modern design and the education of modern design in China. Since 1980s, he has been extensively engaged in teaching, textbook-writing, academic research, advocacy for the reform of education systems, planning and organization of large-scale events and activities, education of graduate programs and international exchange activities. He was a tenured professor at ArtCenter College of Design and the former Dean of Cheung Kong School of Art & Design, Shantou University. As an internationally renowned designer and design historian, he has participated in the planning and design of hundreds of prominent projects and authored publications of more than ten million words. He has been appointed Vice Dean of School of Creativity and Art of ShanghaiTech University since September 2019.

master works:

Professional books:

1.《A HISTORY  OF MODERN DESIGN》:An important reference book for graduate students majoring in design history and theory in China, which has been printed more than 50 times since its publication in 2000, is the most important work of design history and theory in Chinese;

2.《A HISTORY OF GRAPHIC DESIGN》:Authoritative works on the history of graphic design in Chinese

3.《A HISTORY OF MODERN ARCHITECTURE》:Important works on the development history of modern architecture in Chinese have been printed for more than 30 times



1.Vanke Fifth Park

2.Zizi Pingjiang

3.World Garden Expo "Lack of Gardens"