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SU Restaurant Brand Design

Lao Tzu said, "The superior good is like water, and water benefits all things without conflict." Water, as one of the most remarkable natural substances in the world, can penetrate the earth, soar in the air and run in the mountains. After various experiences, water nourishes all things and breeds profound culture.

Sù, means Tracing the Origin, it refers to the spirit of water. Every being in the world has a source, and seeking our roots is the most commonly shared attribute among all things. Where do we come from? Life seems endless, and possibility is endless, so is our quest, finding the causes is indeed an attitude of pursuing, as much as a philosophy about life. 

When it comes to gourmet food, Ingenuity is always the most cherished part in Sù , it never fails to live up to the expectation of time and is always following its heart, committed to exploring the true values, and to preserve the most original flavor of food, bringing the authentic and natural taste back to everything in life.  

This work is presented by using three kinds of symbolic graphic, the forms of Point, Line and Surface are carefully chosen to express the connotation of convergence, traceability and the originality.

Convergence - years of experience, heart - based, drop together into a source agglutinate thousands of forces, tracing the quality of craftsmanship. 

Traceability - pursuing such as flowing, tirelessly, and constantly find out early read back, for centering become flavour. 

Originality - the road to Jane, return to the origin, cook the heart way, feeling food is all about.

Point of ingenuity has gathered into a line, and reflecting constantly back to the source, which then extends to an infinite realm, such visual effect embodies the very concept of our restaurant brand -- Tracing the Origin, and Making Excellent Cuisine.

IAI Best Intelligent Manufacturing Award



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