This is a set of integrated tools for High building windows cleaner, who originally had very simple tools and an awkward and uncomfortable posture when operating. Based on the current situation of Cleaner, we clarified the design goals of safer, lower consumption, and more humane.
We applied design thinking to the integration of existing technology innovation.
Overall, the seat plate and water tank to do an integrated design, and through the water pipe connected to the brush head, using a more efficient way to clean through the water, simplifying the operation steps.
Separately, the seat plate design takes full account of ergonomics, both sides of the natural lift, giving the cleaner lateral support while helping them to maintain a healthy working posture of natural forward leaning. Water tank integrated in the seat plate directly below, on the one hand, its own stable structure to improve the center of gravity due to the single side of the bucket caused by the shift. On the other hand, the built-in water pump provides a continuous water supply for the brush head to achieve efficient cleaning.
The design is dedicated to make the work of high building windows cleaners more safe, efficient and dignified.    

IAI Best Intelligent Manufacturing Award

Winners:Li Jiaxiang, Lan Suihong, Xu Peng, Pan Danying, Shan Xurong


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