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Sunac · Yuan View Demonstration Area, Zhenjiang

A design attempt to create a positive external space

The project is intended to create a positive external space with intention and introverted order, so as to meet people's needs and functional demands.

Tao Te Ching tells that we mould clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that makes the vessel useful; we build walls to make a room, but it is the emptiness inside that makes it livable.

It explains spatial positivity. A positive space can meet people's needs, and it is meaningful, useful and planned.

The project functions as the demonstration area of a residential community at the early stage, and will turn into the community's entrance and activity center at the later stage.

The site of the community adjoins roads on south and east sides, and its south side is occupied by historic relics. Therefore, the demonstration area is sited on the northeast side, to face Diaoyu Lane and the flow of people.

The design creates the "huge umbrella" form that extends outside, enhancing the iconic architectural image as an "urban living room" and effectively defining the “umbrella” space.

The demonstration area serves a "gateway" that marks the boundary between the city and the residential community, which highlights the iconic image of the building, full of a sense of ritual.

The design adopts fluid lines to integrate walls and the roof, which unifies the overall construction and makes it appear like a floating cloud filled with a sense of future. The project is a bold attempt of external space design. It introduces the concept of "umbrella" space into scenes, enabling people to build up the perception of the architectural space and attracting kids to play and young people to enjoy coffee and chatting here.

IAI Architecture Gold Award



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