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Youhuo · Royal Feast

As a native, the designer integrated local folk customs into the design to meet the needs of different space functions in a contemporary form, expressing the feelings of the hometown and paying tribute to the culture of Putian.

Chinese red, which means happiness and prosperity, is used throughout the project.

The entrance corridor, red brick walls, and the red tiles on the ceiling are taken from the unique building materials in southern Fujian.Alongside the corridor, there are traditional folk musical instruments - such as flower-drum and suona horn, which are used in the traditional band performance in Putian.

In the Chinese-style tea room, the ceiling of the lounge adopts mirror material, and the lanterns are inspired by Putian's Lantern Festival.

The tenon-and-mortise wooden beam structure of ancient buildings is arranged at the top of the banquet hall orderly, creating a magnificent atmosphere in the changing lights. Guests will have an immersive and shocking experience here.

IAI Best Interior Award

Winners:Guoxing Jiang


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